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Do you have a printed catalog?
For an auction we do have a printed catalogue that can be bought in our showrooms, however you can also view the catalogue with photos and descriptions of each lot online on www.saleroom.com . We always have a link to our catalogue on our website for each auction.
Do you have a newsletter or mailing list?
Yes, just sign up at the top of this page on the link Join Our Mailing List
I have an antique that is missing a part Can you match it for me?
Probably. There are literally thousands of styles of drawer pulls & other parts made in the last two hundred years. The chances of finding a match are about 90% as we have thousands of them. Some very old 200-400 year old pieces are more difficult to find original hardware for but we have some. Victorian Hardware from 1850-1915 we have in abundance. If you like, you may send us a photo of what you need - If you send your hardware to match, you are responsable for the return S&H. An email with a photo or a photo-copy in the mail with a self addressed stamped envelope is the best way to contact us to search for your parts
How can I tell solid brass from brass plated steel hardware?
The fastest and easiest way is to put a magnet to the item.  If it does not stick, the metal is non-ferrous (brass, bronze, etc.). If it sticks, the metal is iron or steel.